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DP16B Bench Drill with 13" Column and 1/2" Chuck

DP16B Bench Drill with 13

A good quality, dedicated drilling machine is an indispensable tool in any workshop. The DP16B brings this versatility, along with traditional Record Power build quality and reliability, within easy reach of the home woodworker and discerning DIY enthusiast.
A wide variety of bits can be accepted and the four speeds allow for a great variety of materials to be drilled, including wood, metal, plastic and many others.
The cast iron table can tilt up to 45º and will accept most drill press vices, allowing secure holding for increased accuracy and safety. When extra capacity is needed the table can be moved to the side of the machines so the base can be used as a working table, which also accepts drill press vices.
For further strength and performance, the headstock also features cast iron, adding weight to reduce vibration, along with a cast iron handwheel. The DP16B also features an accurate, positive depth stop, ideal for accurate repeat boring.

Compatible with Drill Press Vices

Compatible with Drill Press Vices

The DP25B can be used with drill press vices, ideal for accurate boring in many different materials.

Tilting Table

Tilting Table

Drilling at angles up to 45º is possible thanks to the tilting table.

Pulley System

Pulley System

The 5 speed pulley system, easily accessed from the top of the head unit, provides a good range of speeds for cutting a wide variety of materials.

Extra Capacity

Extra Capacity

When extra capacity is needed, the table can be easily moved out of the way to allow the base to be used.

Positive Depth Stop

Positive Depth Stop

This depth stop makes accurate repeat boring simple and easy to achieve.

Tiltable Table: Tiltable Table

Rack & Pinion Rise & Fall: Rack & Pinion Rise & Fall

Bench Top: Bench Top

Floor Standing: Floor Standing

Throat Depth: 102 mm

Depth of Feed: 50 mm

Chuck to Table: 170 mm

Chuck to Base: 295 mm

Speeds: 500, 890, 1400, 1900 & 2500 rpm

Motor input P1: 0.22 kW

Chuck: 13 mm

Motor input P2: 0.14 kW

Weight: 17 kg

Size: H580 x W190 x D410 mm

DP16B Manual 3.0

PDF reader required

DP16B Bench Drill with 13
Tiltable Table
Tiltable Table
Rack & Pinion Rise & Fall
Rack & Pinion Rise & Fall
Bench Top
Bench Top
Floor Standing
Floor Standing
Throat Depth
102 mm
Depth of Feed
50 mm
Chuck to Table
170 mm
Chuck to Base
295 mm
500, 890, 1400, 1900 & 2500 rpm
Motor input P1
0.22 kW
13 mm
Motor input P2
0.14 kW
17 kg
H580 x W190 x D410 mm